I have set up some volunteering. I am a Social Media intern for an organisation that tackles body image issues; currently I am running their FaceBook page. On the 28th of December I will be a volunteer Media Relations Manager for a self-injury charity which is a larger role and with a lot of work, could turn into something really good. I feel really committed to this one and building on my skills. And then once I have had my training on January 29th I will be volunteering with the NHS communications team based at a Child and Adolescent Mental health team.

However, I have seen two perfect jobs. One is part-time, but I am not sure taking it would work out. It would leave me with less money than I currently have and it might have an effect on my other volunteering and I do not want that to happen. It would also stop me from being able to return to therapy.

And to be honest, I really want to return to therapy. I am just scared of how long that process is going to take and of being continuously rejected. And it would be kind of hard to swap mental health teams.

The therapy would be 3-4 days per week, usually 3. And not all day. So my current roles would work with the volunteering. Taking on a job would not be.

I want to be happy with the idea of volunteering and building up my CV while doing therapy. But it is hard not to want to just sack therapy off and get a job because I’m 25 and the pressure to be further into life than I am feels huge.


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